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Devyn Volz
Devyn Volz

The newest member of Lancer Volleyball is Devyn Volz!

Volz is a 5'6" setter from Colorado Volleyball Association (CVA) and Chaparral High School (Parker, Colorado).

"Devyn is a natural setter through and through, everything she does on the court looks so effortless and smooth," EWC head coach Dante Geoffrey said. "She has absolutely great hands and will also score a lot with her serve."

Coach Geoffrey and Devyn met at a CVA practice in December, and it was their subsequent discussions about her future and finally a visit to EWC that cinched it for Devyn.

"The reason I chose EWC is because I believe in Coach Dante's direction for the volleyball program and how he cares about his players," Volz said. "Also, I really like that the school seems very close-knit and the small-town feel of the community. I believe that atmosphere will help me be a successful student and athlete."

Please welcome Devyn to the Lancer family!