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Dani Masterson
May 1, 2020 Dani Masterson signs with Lancer Volleyball! Our newest Lancer didn’t have to travel far for a visit, and she didn’t ask about small-town life. She’s already put in hours of work on our home court and now she’s ready to finally don a Lancer jersey.
Alyssa George
April 25, 2020 Alyssa George signs with the Lancers! On our #FamilyFriday we welcome Alyssa George to our own Lancer family!
Lejla Viteskic
April 22, 2020 Lejla Viteskic signs with Lancer Volleyball! Please welcome another exciting addition to the Lancers! Whereas previous signees have come from high school, today’s announcement comes from the college ranks. Lejla Viteskic is a 6’1” middle from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ivona Zarin
April 13, 2020 Ivona Zarin signs with Lancer Volleyball! Let’s set ourselves up for a great week with another new Lancer announcement! Ivona Zarin is a 5’10” setter from Zrenjanin, Serbia, who will add to the potency and malleability of the Lancer offense.
Victoria Anderser
April 9, 2020 Victoria Anderser signs with Lancer Volleyball! Our Lancer family continues to grow! Victoria Anderer is a 6’3” middle from Kirkland, Washington, who played for Blue Royals Volleyball Academy. She will be a key component of a strong group of middles who expect to be a force next year.
Jelena Jablanov - Novi Sad, Serbia
April 6, 2020 Jelena Jablanov signs with the Lancers! Please welcome Jelena Jablanov to the Lancers! Jelena is a 5’6” libero from Novi Sad, Serbia, who will add a lot of talent to our back row.



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